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Is Whipped Cream Vodka Worth Your Money?

whipped cream vodka

Whipped Cream Vodka

whipped cream vodkaWhipped cream vodka is one of the latest alcoholic beverages to appear in this country. You must’ve tried this hip new, possibly even girly drink yourself. What? You haven’t? What the hell are you doing reading this article? Get up and go buy a bottle of whipped cream vodka, chop, chop!

With the second thought, please do read the article. So, I think you might have guessed what whipped cream vodka is. Yes, right, it’s sweet. And most likely that’s because sugar is involved. Right again. So, sweet vodka? Doesn’t it sound kind of ridiculous? Actually it doesn’t, because it’s far from the first sweet alcoholic beverage.

There’s even a name for them, they are called flavored. You know mango, cherry, berry, pomegranate and other tooty-fruity stuff. There even is a marshmallow flavor.

Imagine a 50-year-old gentleman drinking whipped cream vodka at the bar. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? That does sound funny because I highly doubt it will happen often. Mostly people in their 20s or early 30s drink it, and predominantly women.

Think of a young mother secretly sipping whipped cream vodka from a coffee cup as her beloved son is playing in the park. Or a couple of college students tossing a 20oz Coca-Cola bottle mixed with this vodka to each other in the middle of the class. You know all this actually might work, because the drink has a whipped cream smell (kind of) and no spirit smell whatsoever. That is if you do not account for drunkenness. By the way alcohol percentage is lower than the standard 40, Smirnoff and Pinnacle make a 30% whipped cream flavored vodka.

Now the cocktails. As it is a sweet alcoholic beverage, you can mix it with pretty much anything sweet. Oh, the possibilities! You can mix it up with orange juice or pineapple juice or any other juice. Add it to Sprite or Coke or chocolate milk and see the results for yourself. My friend told me he mixed up whipped cream vodka with root beer and it was just like root beer float, amazing!

Oh, and by the way, if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable drinking whipped cream flavored vodka in public just because you’re a guy, consider this: during the last year the consumption of flavored alcohol beverages has increased by 400%. And Pinnacle’s whipped cream vodka is now the most popular flavored brand. That’s because they were the first, Smirnoff started making their ownwhipped cream vodka and even added another flavor – fluffed. The growth of flavored alcoholic beverages demand has been so fast that the makers, namely Pinnacle and Smirnoff, can’t seem to keep up with the market and demands of newer flavors.

On the other hand, most of us will just turn their noses at the sight of whipped cream vodka, as there’s nothing better than an old fashioned, or a white Russian, or a simple Scotch with a cigar.

And now, even though many consider this drink to be girlie I really recommend you go ahead and buy it and give it a try. Who knows, you may even like it and surely it won’t do you any harm. Although be careful and don’t consume too much of it, as you will barely be able to taste the alcohol and may find yourself napping on a table.

Most of us will probably refrain from buying it for our liquor cabinet, but it should be a great option if you are getting out for a weekend with your family or friends.

Oh, and I heard there’s a new flavor Pinnacle will release in the market soon, it’s called chocolate whipped cream vodka. You know, this makes me fantasize about what my friends and I will do when it’s released. I could bet my hat another awkward moment will have its place. I’m also thinking about all the cocktails I’m going to make with it, oh the possibilities!

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