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Vodka’s effect on health

There have always been a lot of arguments what effect vodka has on a human’s health. Even though overusing of the spirit leads to rather negative results, the positive effects on health have also been proved. Vodka is often added to beauty products such as skincare lotions and tonics. The reason why it is widely used obvious: it has valuable antiseptic qualities and helps the wounds heal.

Vodka has some noticeable health benefits
Vodka has some noticeable health benefits


The composition of vodka

Vodka is an alcohol drink that is produced by mixing ethanol with water. The volume of ethanol in traditional recipe of vodka is usually 40%, although the proportion of ethanol and water depends on the standards of a country. The standard of European vodka is 37,5, while vodka in USA contains 30% of ethanol. Quite often vodka is mixed with some additional ingredients that soften the spirit’s taste. The spirit is used as an ingredient for a number of vodka cocktails and other drinks.

The history of vodka

The origin of the most common alcohol drink in the world is still debatable. Some claim that its roots date back to the IX century in Russia where as others believe that it appeared in VIII century in Poland. In fact, the historical sources say that the process of distillation the Poles learned from Holy Roman Empire in XIV century. The first mentions of the distillation take us to the 1st century in Alexandria.

Initially vodka was used for medical purposes and was highly respected for its positive effects. Vodka was a basic ingredient for herbal concoctions that possessed unique healing qualities. A bit further it was used by different brands of vodka in making flavored spirits.

Benefits of vodka

Besides the well-known quality of vodka to reduce stress pressure, it is appreciated as an anesthetic. With a help of a range of flowers, herbs and different flavors vodka was used to treat a number of health conditions such as head and aches. Among other positive effects of vodka there are:

  • A cardio effect. The spirit has a protective effect on heart. Consuming moderate amounts of vodka helps improve blood vessels and stimulate the blood circulation. In this way, vodka is able to prevent you from a stroke and a heart attack.
  • Skin and hair care. Vodka works as a cleanser for pores and effects the hair growth. That is why it is a common ingredient for tonics, lotions, cleansers and conditioners.
  • Vodka is a first aid if you happen to get a wound, e.g. a bite or a knife cut. Vodka is a great disinfector which prevents infections from growing.
  • There were indications that vodka is useful when consumed in little doses (25-30 ml). People who sometimes take small vodka doses are less likely to have arthritis, cancer, cold and angina. Small doses of vodka helps to normalize sleep, improves appetite and immune system.
  • The drink also stops coughing fits while bronchitis and tracheitis.
  • The small amounts of vodka lowers the blood pressure.


Even though vodka possesses a plenty of positive effects on health, the overconsumption of alcohol may result in an increased risk of brain and liver deceases. Overusing of vodka leads to fastening of a heart pulse, increasing of blood pressure and appearing of heart diseases. Excessive consumption of alcohol may also lead to an overproduction of adrenaline. This may lead to a fastened tiredness and fatigue.

Taking alcohol during pregnancy results in fetal alcohol syndrome, i.g. mental problems. Consuming vodka and other alcohol might also cause harm while taking medicines, that is why drinking vodka is forbidden during the most therapies.

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