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Vodka brands: HDW CLIX

Man has been always striving for perfection in everything: art, sport and other areas… So Americans created premium vodka HDW CLIX, which was distilled as many as 159 times in the manufacturing process.

Why this queer and not very neat name of the drink – “HDW CLIX”? It turns out that here the name of its creator is encrypted, the master distiller, Harlen Davis Wheatley, whose initials make up the first part of the name of vodka. The second part is the Roman numerals signifying the number 159, the number of distillations of the product.

HDW CLIX is produced at the distillery Buffalo Trace, which is based in the United States. The idea to create this “perfect” vodka was born ten years ago, when Wheatley, author of the idea, took the lead of a small group of professionals engaged in product development: the work took seven years: the design, planning and installation of specially designed copper and stainless steel stills, ovens and fermenters.

Harlen Davis Wheatley is the creator of "perfect vodka".
Harlen Davis Wheatley is the creator of “perfect vodka”.

The manufacturing process of this unique vodka is quite interesting. For its production 28,400 gallons of wort mash were taken, which were divided into 143 small batches of 200 gallons, and each such batch contained different amounts of the best hand-selected corn, wheat, rye and barley. These batches have been carefully fermented separately and distilled 143 times, within six months, and as a result of 20 gallons of vodka were produced from each of these batches.

Then these vodka batches have been carefully selected and blended in the another 14 batches, each of which was distilled again, in total having produced only 400 gallons of vodka. Finally, all these batches have been blended into one, and it distilled two more times, yielding only 332 gallons of vodka, which is enough for a limited edition of 2,000 bottles.

So, within a year the raw materials of vodka got through 159 distillations and was shrunk in 85-plus times. But that is not all yet! After all the distillations vodka was left in the tank made of stainless steel 12 more months. Why? The producers say it provides softness of this perfect vodka before bottling.

The bottles are made of crystal: the decanter for the perfect vodka HDW CLIX was designed by a special company engaged in the production of art glass, Nouvel Studio. For good measure, the bottle is packed in a special wooden container.

What is the conclusion? According to the manufacturers, their effort was not in vain: vodka HDW CLIX has a nice taste, good smell, it is soft, subtle, elegant, stylish … In short, perfect. The vodka price is about $300 for a bottle of 0.75 l.

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