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The best coconut vodka brands

The history and production of coconut vodka

As manufacturers say, the drink was created 400 years ago. The recipe is based on the ancient Philippine technology. Even before the Spanish conquistadors set foot on the island, locals enjoyed this amazing drink. In those ancient times when no one even knew that such civilization existed, coconut vodka cemented friendship of the Pacific tribes. It was a traditional aboriginal drink.
The name of this vodka speaks for itself. Unlike most variations of vodka made of wheat or potato, this sort is made of coconut juice. Due to the tropical climate and rich volcanic soil, best coconut trees of the world grow in the Philippines. The fruits hang at the height of about nine meters, but the locals are used to collecting them every morning and preparing for fermentation and distillation.
When the coconut nectar gets hard, the process of multiple purification follows. After that, the liquid is mixed with water, filtered with special substance containing activated carbon. The carbon has pores large enough to magnet molecules of harmful substances. Thus, having undergone through this process of filtration, coconut vodka becomes a natural product. On their merchant ships, Filipino sailors brought the recipe in Mexico. Having changed it a little and added new components Mexicans invented tequila.

The best brands of vodka made of coconut

VuQo Premium Vodka is produced according to the original Philippine recipe.
VuQo Premium Vodka is produced according to the original Philippine recipe.

Traditionally, VuQo Premium Vodka is considered to be the only genuine coconut vodka, since it is distilled from coconut nectar, it is not just coconut flavoured. Many companies are trying to bring its products closer to the original, and they succeed in it pretty well. In almost any supermarket you can find good vodka with coconut taste, or cook it yourself.
French vodka manufacturer Grey Goose for several years has been experimenting with different fruits: pears, oranges and coconut. Therefore, one of the varieties is made of coconut. Although the French vodka, of course, far from the original.
Vietnamese coconut Dai Viet vodka has a very pleasant smell. The taste is soft, you can drink it without any food. Designed mainly for ladies.
Another coconut vodka brand, Cocoin, is produced in Lithuania. Its flavour is completed with lime, vanilla and sugar cane notes.
Laplandia Coco Shot is a Finnish brand of coconut vodka. It is an exquisite drink with rich flavour achieved by the use of natural ingredients: wheat-based vodka, ice water and coconut juice.

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