Vodka Recipes and Prices

Vodka’s effect on health

There have always been a lot of arguments what effect vodka has on a human’s health. Even though overusing of the spirit leads to rather negative results, the positive effects on health have also been proved. Vodka is often added to beauty products such as skincare lotions and tonics. The reason why it is widely used obvious: it has valuable antiseptic qualities and helps the wounds heal.

Vodka has some noticeable health benefits
Vodka has some noticeable health benefits


The composition of vodka

Vodka is an alcohol drink that is produced by mixing ethanol with water. The volume of ethanol in traditional recipe of vodka is usually 40%, although the proportion of ethanol and water depends on the standards of a country. The standard of European vodka is 37,5, while vodka in USA contains 30% of ethanol. Quite often vodka is mixed with some additional ingredients that soften the spirit’s taste. The spirit is used as an ingredient for a number of vodka cocktails and other drinks.

The history of vodka

The origin of the most common alcohol drink in the world is still debatable. Some claim that its roots date back to the IX century in Russia where as others believe that it appeared in VIII century in Poland. In fact, the historical sources say that the process of distillation the Poles learned from Holy Roman Empire in XIV century. The first mentions of the distillation take us to the 1st century in Alexandria.

Initially vodka was used for medical purposes and was highly respected for its positive effects. Vodka was a basic ingredient for herbal concoctions that possessed unique healing qualities. A bit further it was used by different brands of vodka in making flavored spirits.

Benefits of vodka

Besides the well-known quality of vodka to reduce stress pressure, it is appreciated as an anesthetic. With a help of a range of flowers, herbs and different flavors vodka was used to treat a number of health conditions such as head and aches. Among other positive effects of vodka there are:

  • A cardio effect. The spirit has a protective effect on heart. Consuming moderate amounts of vodka helps improve blood vessels and stimulate the blood circulation. In this way, vodka is able to prevent you from a stroke and a heart attack.
  • Skin and hair care. Vodka works as a cleanser for pores and effects the hair growth. That is why it is a common ingredient for tonics, lotions, cleansers and conditioners.
  • Vodka is a first aid if you happen to get a wound, e.g. a bite or a knife cut. Vodka is a great disinfector which prevents infections from growing.
  • There were indications that vodka is useful when consumed in little doses (25-30 ml). People who sometimes take small vodka doses are less likely to have arthritis, cancer, cold and angina. Small doses of vodka helps to normalize sleep, improves appetite and immune system.
  • The drink also stops coughing fits while bronchitis and tracheitis.
  • The small amounts of vodka lowers the blood pressure.


Even though vodka possesses a plenty of positive effects on health, the overconsumption of alcohol may result in an increased risk of brain and liver deceases. Overusing of vodka leads to fastening of a heart pulse, increasing of blood pressure and appearing of heart diseases. Excessive consumption of alcohol may also lead to an overproduction of adrenaline. This may lead to a fastened tiredness and fatigue.

Taking alcohol during pregnancy results in fetal alcohol syndrome, i.g. mental problems. Consuming vodka and other alcohol might also cause harm while taking medicines, that is why drinking vodka is forbidden during the most therapies.

French vodka list

French vodka is often put on the tops of the good vodka brandslists. Their manufacturers don’t stop surprising us with new products. So which famous brands are the best?

L’eau- de – vie

L’eau-de-vie (eng. water of life) is a name of flavored vodka given by the French doctors. The thing is vodkawas once believed to have unique healing qualities. Thus alcohol in vodka was said to be an all-purpose cure similar to the elixir of life, that’s why it was widely used in medicine. Later the French physician found a way to strengthen the medical magic by adding medicative herbs that became aprototype of flavors. For English-speaking countries today eau- de -vie is term for vodka distilled from fruit. However for the French this is a general name for all distilled spirits.

The example of the water of life is a French brand CÎROC produced be the world leading manufacturer Diageo.The ingredients for vodka are grown in the vineyards of Gaillac region on the high altitude. About this fact we can learn from the brand nameCÎ – ROC, a mix of French words cime( eng. peak, summit) and roche (eng. rock). Thanks to its delicate taste CÎROCisamong the best top vodka brands.

French luxury

If you are seeking French luxury vodka, Grey Goose is the one that you cannot miss. This brand has been heading the french vodka listfor recent years. What is it secret? The answer lies in its basic ingredients – alcohol and water. Despite the simplicity, not every product has such a quality as Grey Goose. The process of vodka distillation is heldin Picardie froma winter wheat that is grown in the same place. The water is taken from a spring located in the depth of more than 150 m in Champagne. After that the composition is going through the copper filters that make an appearing of any kind of precipitate impossible. Such thorough procedure is a reason why Grey goose is a spirit of such a great quality.

Flavors of Grey Goose
Flavors of Grey Goose

Coctail time

There are so many kinds of all flavors of vodka that it is easy to find oneself hesitating which one to choose. Flavors give vodka more delicate and more specific taste than bare alcohol with water can do. Many people enjoy the unique tastes of flavored vodka while some of them even learn the craft of making wonderful cocktails. Mariette is one of the most popular cocktail ingredients among those who are into mixing.

A bottle of Mariette vodka is what needed for luxurious cocktail
A bottle of Mariette vodka is what needed for luxurious cocktail

A unique mix

Dragon Bleu positions itself as an only vodka produced from a mixture of different kinds of the alcohol. It is distilled from barley, rye, wheat and spring water. Dragon Bleu is among world best vodka premium spirits manufactured in Saint-Preuil. Just as other French vodkas this one is beloved for its quality achieved by the thorough distillation process. In general its produced four types of this vodka : one unflavored and three flavored.

Different types of Dragon Bleu vodka
Different types of Dragon Bleu vodka

Is vodka made from potatoes?

The most common belief about vodka production is that this popular spirit is made from potatoes. In fact, the majority of vodka has been made from grains for a pretty long time. When and how did this myth appear?


Initially appeared in South America, vodka came to Europe in the beginning of XVI century and was made from grains and grapes, the same ingredients used nowadays. Potato vodka became dominant in XVIII-XIX centuries in Poland, as by that time this vegetable had worked its way up from being a food of the rich to becoming a simple food of the peasants. In those times the potatoes were much cheaper than wheat due to their high extension.

Another answer to the question ‘is vodka made from potatoes?’ takes us to other historical events. In the end of XIX – early XX century the temperance movement broke out in Scandinavian countries. The government considered alcohol to be evil but still, sometimes, a needed one. It led to production vodka from the lowest- quality ingredient available – potatoes.

What is vodka made from?

Despite the fact that vodka made from potatoes still exists, potato is not the most common ingredient anymore. Vodka can be made from any product that contains sugar or starchsuch as grapes, wheat, rye, soy, beets and so on. The modern technology of producing vodka using cereals comes from 90s of the XIX century, and is still respected by the best vodka brands.

Best flavored vodka brands

Smirnoffs’ manufacturers became the authority on flavors

Flavored vodka earned its popularity among the connoisseurs who prefer delicate taste of the drink. The fruit flavors is found in the ranges of the famous vodka manufacturers. Popular vodka flavors are favorite guests at every party, as it is one of the main ingredients for making coctails.

Cherry vodka brands

Initially appeared in Russia, today Smirnoff vodka is manufactured by British company Diageo. It is available in 130 countries. Nowadays Smirnoff fabricates, not only simple vodka, but they also offer an impressive variety of cocktails and
flavored spirits.

Smirnoff cherry vodka

SMIRNOFF® Cherry is a vodka specialty enhanced with the essence of all-natural cherries, plump and bursting with flavor. A delightfully distinct choice, SMIRNOFF® Cherry is sure to be the start of a most delicious night.

Absolut Cherrys

Absolut is a well-known factory with a wonderful reputation

Absolut is always put at the top of the list, especially, when it comes to best vodka drinks. It is one of the most well-known vodkas after Smirnoff, and its unique shape of the bottle is recognized all over the world. Every time Absolut launches a new vodka line, it means that a new bottle design appears along with a flavor, such as City series.

Cherry flavored vodka

The true tasted of sun-ripe cherries, fresh white cranberry and sweet plum. When we were to launch Absolut Cherrys in the US in May 2012, someone said: “Its taste is so multi-dimensional, that you can make a sophisticated drink just by adding one ingredient.” This is true, which makes Absolut Cherrys incredibly easy to mix.

Grey Goose Cherry Noir

Made with the finest ripe black cherries, grey goose cherry noir combines the aroma of fresh cherries and sweet red fruits with dark fruit flavors and layers of spice. The result: a sophisticated, sensuous flavored vodka and extraordinary complement to any night.

Grey Goose is a French vodka brand fabricated in special Maître de Chai tradition, which is about producing flavors during the distillation. It is completely made using French products that is why it is fulfilled with French enchantment.

Orange flavored vodka brands

Speaking of the best orange flavored vodka, Smirnoff heads the list again. As each of any other Smirnoff products, it is made by using only natural ingredients that create a harmonious, sweet and delicate taste. These range orange flavor will only make any kind of a cocktail more sophisticated.

SMIRNOFF® Orange is a blend of six juicy orange varietals for an all-natural sweet-tart flavor with a full plump mouthfeel. The warm spice of the Royal Mandarin mingles with the tropical undertones of the Cara Cara Navel and Satsuma Mandarin to create a refreshingly complex, yet complementary, taste experience.

Grey Goose L’Orange

Every litre of grey goose l’orange contains the natural essence of one kilogram of fresh oranges. The concentrated citrus oil extract gives grey goose l’orange its light and crisp flavour, perfectly mirroring the zest of an orange

This vodka taste gives you a feeling of warmth, reminding about bright orange slices. All of the steps of its production are realized in French province Cognac where carefully selected sorts of wheat and barley are used.

Pear vodka brands

Introduced in 2007, Absolut Pears is quite a newcomer in the Absolut family. And as with all talented rookies, the audience soon took it to their hearts. Probably because it’s such a good alternative to other overly sugared alternatives around.
Again, one of the most luxury vodka brands Absolut demonstrates one of the products among the famous family. Its taste is made so delicate by exclusively natural ingredients without any sugar added.

The taste of pears and brand vodka in Absolut

Grey Goose La Poir

Now it is undeniable that the French keep secret of not only a great wine, in addition they learned to produce high-quality flavored vodka becoming one of the premium vodka brands.

François thibault created la poire specifically to reflect the taste and freshness of an anjou pear—a classic flavour of french cuisine. The result is flavoured vodka alive with the aromas of fresh pears and a crisp, smooth taste.

Best chocolate vodka

Godiva liquor has a delicate taste of chocolate which will appeal even to demanding connoisseurs

Have you ever thought how much vodka has changed throughout its history? Initially distilled from potatoes, nowadays vodka manufacturers offer a wide variety of this spirit made by distillation of cereals, adding all possible flavors to satisfy even demanding connoisseurs.

Chocolate vodka

Not long ago chocolate vodka became a sensation in the vodka market, and now chocolate is believed to add the luxurious taste to the drink. Today the most popular vodka brands in the world refresh their assortments with chocolate vodka.

Chocolate vodka brands

Godiva brand is famous for its sweet products known around the worldGodiva is a famous Belgian chocolate factory founded in 1926, named after legendary lady Godiva, the wife of the Anglo-Saxon earl. The factory is reputed all over the world becauseof their high-quality for their high-quality chocolate productions. It owns over 600 boutiques in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia, and its signature is well – recognized almost everywhere. No wonder, that their choсolate liqueur earned a fame of being not just really good vodka, but a sheer luxury.

The factory produces three types of Godiva chocolate liqueur:

Dark Chocolate Liqueur

The decadent flavors of unsweetened dark chocolate, bright black cheery, candied sweet orange peel and a hint of cold-brewed coffee

Milk Chocolate Liqueur

The perfect expression of liquid chocolate-soft and creamy on the palate with a rich, silky finish.

White Chocolate Liqueur

Delicate flavors of white chocolate and Madagascar Vanilla with a soft, lush finish.

Marie Brizard Chocolat Royal

This liquor is full of French charm created by its taste.

The finest cocoa beans from Africa are selected to make this liqueur, which releases the full flavour of dark chocolate in the mouth, together with hints of vanilla. A recipe that combines all the velvety smoothness and the power of chocolate.

Marie Brizard et Roger International is a French company started in 1755. It is well – known for the broad production in more than 120 countries. Chocolat Royal liqueur is one more example of the best vodkas in the world, appreciated for its French charm. The liqueur has a delicate taste and aroma of the fresh fruit and berries. After the ripened ingredients are finally picked, they are distilled according to special recipe of the company Marie Brizard, which makes this chocolate spirit the top brand vodka.

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur

Thanks to its special technoligy, Mozart liquor has a brilliant taste of a high-class drink.

Mozart liquor vodka is an Austrian leader among chocolate alcohol drinks. The factory manufactures the unique products with sophisticated tastes and delicate flavors. The secret of Mozart liquor lies in its special technology of sound-milling. The technology is about grinding cocoa-beans using ultrasound. It is said that the music of Mozart himself is used for producing famous liquors

Absolute Vodka Price and 3 Factors Influencing it

Absolute Vodka Price

Absolute Vodka PriceAbsolute Vodka Price

Have you ever thought that you underestimate the role of an alcohol quality? Anyway you should either be a gourmet to understand it or try to let us explain the difference between low quality vodka and Absolute Vodka. Moreover, Absolute Vodka price lets almost anyone feel absolute perfection. In our article below we are going to tell you the ways of choosing the best vodka for you and the factors influencing the price of any vodka and Absolute vodka price particularly.

What is Absolute Vodka and Absolute Vodka Price?

First of all, it is one of the world’s best known vodkas. It origins from the Swedish 15th century recipe. For almost 5 hundred years it has been improved for you to feel the taste of absolution.

Why choose Absolute? The reason is simple – for a reasonable Absolute vodka price you get the highest quality product. The Absolute vodka price as well as the price of any other vodka is influenced by 3 main factors. Read more

Is Whipped Cream Vodka Worth Your Money?

whipped cream vodka

Whipped Cream Vodka

whipped cream vodkaWhipped cream vodka is one of the latest alcoholic beverages to appear in this country. You must’ve tried this hip new, possibly even girly drink yourself. What? You haven’t? What the hell are you doing reading this article? Get up and go buy a bottle of whipped cream vodka, chop, chop!

With the second thought, please do read the article. So, I think you might have guessed what whipped cream vodka is. Yes, right, it’s sweet. And most likely that’s because sugar is involved. Right again. So, sweet vodka? Doesn’t it sound kind of ridiculous? Actually it doesn’t, because it’s far from the first sweet alcoholic beverage. Read more

Belvedere Vodka Price

Belvedere Vodka Price

Probably each of us chooses only extremely good production. That’s why we come up to the choice of food and drink goods very thoroughly. Nowadays there is a vast range of vodka in any corner of the world. But Belvedere vodka has already got a lot of fans everywhere. Its feature is well-known smooth and delicate sweetness. It is thanks to using a single-gain element 100% Da kowskie Gold Rye. Belvedere is created in small batches in order to guarantee great quality. Belvedere vodka price is quite suitable for many its enthusiasts all over the world.

Belvedere vodka is considered to be one of the most popular today. It is a luxury trade name of Polish vodka that is generated and distributed by LVMH. Belvedere vodka comes from the west of Warsaw in Poland.

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Cocktails with Vodka

Cocktails with Vodka

Cocktails with Vodka

Vodka is a worldwide famous drink. People choose this drink for many reasons. But the main one is its unique composition. Today there is a vast range of different ways to use vodka. Somebody prefers to imbibe pure vodka but others enjoy drinking cocktails with vodka. That’s why today we suggest looking at recipes of famous cocktails.

Top 7 of cocktails with vodka

Number 1

“Vodka Martini” cocktail is on the first place. It is the favourite drink of famous James Bond. You should remember the main rule: mix, but do not stir. It is very easy to prepare this cocktail. You just need to mix vodka and Martini dry, and put a curl of lemon peel or olive into a glass before serving. Read more

The best Smirnoff Vodka Price. Top 3 Smirnoff Vodka Flavors.

smirnoff vodka price

smirnoff vodka price

Smirnoff Vodka Price

Have you ever wanted to taste something special? I bet, anytime you drink vodka, you combine it with some other drink to make a cocktail. Unfortunately, sometimes you have no possibility or time to prepare your favorite cocktails or have little money for the ingredients. Then it is time for Smirnoff Vodka flavors at a low Smirnoff vodka price.

Smirnoff Vodka Price as the main reason for buying

Smirnoff is one of the world’s biggest alcohol producing companies. It produces the line of Smirnoff vodka flavors at a reasonable Smirnoff vodka price. Read more

Vodka Martini Recipe. Shaken or Stirred?

Vodka Martini Recipe

Vodka Martini Recipe

There’s nothing really sophisticated in making a vodka martini recipe. It’s rather simple: martini is a mix of gin and vermouth, and vodka martini is a mix of vodka and vermouth. But that is only at a first glance, there are actually many particularities. Is it shaken or stirred, or can you swap any of the ingredients with something else?

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Very Delicious Drinks with Vodka!

Drinks with vodka

Drinks with Vodka

Since its creation alcohol has been very popular. For example, even nowadays any real party includes drinking alcohol. Or celebrating some holidays and feasts doesn’t go without alcohol. And one of the most famous and wide-spread alcoholic drinks is vodka. There are a lot of drinks with vodka for all tastes. We’ll tell you about the most extraordinary and tasty drinks which are made on the basis of vodka. And you’ll know how to make them as their recipes are so simple and attractive!

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