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Popular polish vodka brands

Poland is the leader in the volume and brand range of vodkas. In Poland vodka is traditionally divided into two kinds: pure and premium. Pure vodkas are similar to Russian in composition, they do not have distinguishable aroma and taste, polish premium vodka is usually a flavoured drink, for example, liquor.
Here is the list of Polish vodka brands:

  1. Wyborowa. One of the most popular in the domestic and foreign market, its part amounts to a quarter of the vodka consumed in the country. It is produced from the highest quality rye alcohol and mineralized water, which makes it soft, slightly sweet taste.
  2. 21-Excellent vodka. In its manufacture rye alcohol and well water are used. The high degree of purity of ingredients ensures taste quality. ABV – 40%
  3. Baltic. The potato vodka with the ABV of 40%. Its variety is Special Baltic with the addition of rye alcohol, which is matured for two years in oak barrels.
  4. Victory. It is produced from best rye alcohol and mineralized water according to a special recipe that provides pleasant, delicate aroma and flavour. ABV – 39%.
  5. Wodka Mono-polowa J. A. Baczewski. It belongs to the category of mass vodka, produced by the original recipe by the Baczewski family with the addition of natural flavours. ABV – 40%.
  6. Wyborna zytnia. This vodka is made from mixture of grain and potato alcohol, which gives a unique taste. ABV – 40%.
  7. Ideal. Manufactured from rye alcohol, comes with ABV of 38, 40 and 45%.
  8. Karpatia. The special production technology of this vodka is adding fruit alcohol. Available in two versions of ABV: 38 and 42%.
  9. Copernicus. Based on rye “Luxe” alcohol. There are two varieties: Luxury (ABV – 40%) and Light (39%).
  10. Krakus. This drink belongs to rye vodkas, has a mild, slightly sweet flavour and grain aroma. The (ABV – 39%)
  11. Lublinka. It consists of best rye alcohol and specially treated water that gives this drink sweet aroma and the taste of pure grain vodka. ABV – 40%. There are varieties called Lublinka zytnia with ABV of 39 and 40%.
  12. Luksusowa. It is produced according to the special technology with adding high quality alcohol and mineralized water. It has typical for this class of vodka aroma and taste. ABV – 40%.
  13. Mazowiecka zytnia. Produced from rye alcohol with addition of fruit alcohol. ABV – 40%.
  14. Nasza wodka czysta. Rye vodka belonging to mass varieties. ABV – 40%.
  15. Polonez. Produced from rye alcohol in two varieties: ABV of 40% (with white label) and 50% (with blue label).
  16. Tania. High-quality vodka made from rye alcohol and mineral water. ABV – 40%.
  17. Chopin. Higher grades of rye and specially treated water is used for the production of this vodka. Available in two ABVs: 40 and 45%.

    A special feature of Chopin is the bottle of ground glass.
    A special feature of ‘Chopin’ is the bottle of ground glass.
  18. Extra Zytnia. The recipe of this vodka stands out for the use of rye alcohol along with a small amount of apple alcohol and fruit aromatic alcohol additives, which imparts softness, aroma of fruits and grain. ABV – 40%. The variety Specjalna Zytnia is available with a high degree of purification in several versions: with ABV of 40% (blue label), 45% (red label), flavoured – lemon, orange, pepper, coconut and peach (ABV – 38%).

Besides, potato vodka brands have become very popular (Vistula, Alpejska), as well as kosher vodka, made in accordance with Jewish religious prescriptions. There are about 20 vodkas produced according to traditional Jewish recipes, the most popular of them Kosher, Trojka-Luxury, Szaba-sowka, Purim, Happy.

Among the mass varieties of vodka the following brands can be noted: Cymes, Korsarska, Bosmanska, Kapitanska, Admiral, Mariner, Nord, Galileo, Belveder, and others.

Poland, like other countries of the world, creates more and more ventures for the production of vodka with leading manufacturers and firms. Together with the British company Euro Class the vodka Rose Petal is produced (made from with the addition of aromatized rose oil), high-grade flavoured liqueurs (plum, orange, lemon, cherry). The American corporation IDV produces Smirnoff Red in Poland.

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