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Best flavored vodka brands

Smirnoffs’ manufacturers became the authority on flavors

Flavored vodka earned its popularity among the connoisseurs who prefer delicate taste of the drink. The fruit flavors is found in the ranges of the famous vodka manufacturers. Popular vodka flavors are favorite guests at every party, as it is one of the main ingredients for making coctails.

Cherry vodka brands

Initially appeared in Russia, today Smirnoff vodka is manufactured by British company Diageo. It is available in 130 countries. Nowadays Smirnoff fabricates, not only simple vodka, but they also offer an impressive variety of cocktails and
flavored spirits.

Smirnoff cherry vodka

SMIRNOFF® Cherry is a vodka specialty enhanced with the essence of all-natural cherries, plump and bursting with flavor. A delightfully distinct choice, SMIRNOFF® Cherry is sure to be the start of a most delicious night.

Absolut Cherrys

Absolut is a well-known factory with a wonderful reputation

Absolut is always put at the top of the list, especially, when it comes to best vodka drinks. It is one of the most well-known vodkas after Smirnoff, and its unique shape of the bottle is recognized all over the world. Every time Absolut launches a new vodka line, it means that a new bottle design appears along with a flavor, such as City series.

Cherry flavored vodka

The true tasted of sun-ripe cherries, fresh white cranberry and sweet plum. When we were to launch Absolut Cherrys in the US in May 2012, someone said: “Its taste is so multi-dimensional, that you can make a sophisticated drink just by adding one ingredient.” This is true, which makes Absolut Cherrys incredibly easy to mix.

Grey Goose Cherry Noir

Made with the finest ripe black cherries, grey goose cherry noir combines the aroma of fresh cherries and sweet red fruits with dark fruit flavors and layers of spice. The result: a sophisticated, sensuous flavored vodka and extraordinary complement to any night.

Grey Goose is a French vodka brand fabricated in special Maître de Chai tradition, which is about producing flavors during the distillation. It is completely made using French products that is why it is fulfilled with French enchantment.

Orange flavored vodka brands

Speaking of the best orange flavored vodka, Smirnoff heads the list again. As each of any other Smirnoff products, it is made by using only natural ingredients that create a harmonious, sweet and delicate taste. These range orange flavor will only make any kind of a cocktail more sophisticated.

SMIRNOFF® Orange is a blend of six juicy orange varietals for an all-natural sweet-tart flavor with a full plump mouthfeel. The warm spice of the Royal Mandarin mingles with the tropical undertones of the Cara Cara Navel and Satsuma Mandarin to create a refreshingly complex, yet complementary, taste experience.

Grey Goose L’Orange

Every litre of grey goose l’orange contains the natural essence of one kilogram of fresh oranges. The concentrated citrus oil extract gives grey goose l’orange its light and crisp flavour, perfectly mirroring the zest of an orange

This vodka taste gives you a feeling of warmth, reminding about bright orange slices. All of the steps of its production are realized in French province Cognac where carefully selected sorts of wheat and barley are used.

Pear vodka brands

Introduced in 2007, Absolut Pears is quite a newcomer in the Absolut family. And as with all talented rookies, the audience soon took it to their hearts. Probably because it’s such a good alternative to other overly sugared alternatives around.
Again, one of the most luxury vodka brands Absolut demonstrates one of the products among the famous family. Its taste is made so delicate by exclusively natural ingredients without any sugar added.

The taste of pears and brand vodka in Absolut

Grey Goose La Poir

Now it is undeniable that the French keep secret of not only a great wine, in addition they learned to produce high-quality flavored vodka becoming one of the premium vodka brands.

François thibault created la poire specifically to reflect the taste and freshness of an anjou pear—a classic flavour of french cuisine. The result is flavoured vodka alive with the aromas of fresh pears and a crisp, smooth taste.

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