Vodka Recipes and Prices

Top-10 expensive vodka brands

Vodka is a drink consisting mostly of water and ethanol. Expensive ultra-premium brands of vodka began to appear since 2000.

10. Vodka “Alize” ($ 2,000)

This vodka was created to celebrate the Valentine’s Day in 2007. The drink was presented as the best gift that you can give for your loved one. Though it is not a vodka, but a vodka-based cocktail “Rose Alize”, consisting of cognac, French vodka, lychee, strawberry, rose and passionfruit.

9. Vodka “Imperial Collection” Super Premium ($ 2,400)

The bottles, in which this vodka is poured, have an eye-catching design: a gold-plated eagle sits on a Faberge egg, inside of which a decanter with a drink is placed. Besides, the Faberge egg is made manually.

8. “Stolichnaya” Elite from the Himalayas ($ 3,000)

This vodka consists of pure water from the wells of the Himalayas and Russian winter wheat grains. Bottles are blown out of glass manually, the kit is completed with gilded knife for chopping ice.

7. Vodka “Iordanov” ($ 4353)

This vodka is made of the purest spring water from a distant corner of northern Europe. The bottle is encrusted with 14 thousand Swarovski crystals.

6. Vodka “Oval” with Swarovski crystals ($ 6922)

The design and manufacture of vodka bottles is held by the company “Oval Vodka”. This expensive vodka in elegant and unique containers is produced in limited quantities. Seven thousand Swarovski crystals adorn the bottle.

Oval Vodka may be found only in high class nightclubs.
Oval Vodka may be found only in high class nightclubs.

5. Vodka “Belver Bears” by Belvedere ($ 7240)

This vodka with an unusual name was produced for sale during the Cannes Film Festival in France. Only a few VIP-guests got a chance to try this expensive drink from a very limited edition.

4. “Russian-Baltic” vodka ($ 740 000)

This vodka is especially appreciated because it is made according to an ancient recipe. It is the perfect combination of the bottle design and its contents which will charm anyone who prefers perennial classics.

3. Vodka “Diva” Premium ($ 1 mill.)

Back in the day it was the most glamorous vodka in the world. Drink was presented as the purest vodka, which passed triple filtration and was clarified with gemstones. Vodka is produced from pure spring water filtered with ice. The centre of the bottle is adorned with gems. The finishing touch to the price is diamond sand and birch charcoal also used in the production of the drink.

2. New “Russian-Baltic” vodka ($ 1.35 mill.)

The manufacturer of the drink is a car brand “Russo-Baltique” (Russo-Balt). The bottle, in which the expensive drink is poured, reflects elegant classic design of “Russo-Balt” cars.

1. Vodka “LeBillionaire” ($ 3.7 mill.)

The designer of the bottle is the exclusive design company “LeonVeres”. Vodka is clarified with gems, and the bottle is decorated with more than three thousand diamonds.

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