Vodka Recipes and Prices

Very Delicious Drinks with Vodka!

Drinks with vodka

Drinks with Vodka

Since its creation alcohol has been very popular. For example, even nowadays any real party includes drinking alcohol. Or celebrating some holidays and feasts doesn’t go without alcohol. And one of the most famous and wide-spread alcoholic drinks is vodka. There are a lot of drinks with vodka for all tastes. We’ll tell you about the most extraordinary and tasty drinks which are made on the basis of vodka. And you’ll know how to make them as their recipes are so simple and attractive!

Drinks with vodka

The most popular drinks with vodka!

One of the simplest drinks with vodka in concoction is glogg. It is the most well-known Christmas Scandinavian drink. The ingredients used in the recipe are the following: red wine (750ml), vodka (60ml), sugar (65g), cinnamon (1 stick),allspice (6 pieces), ground ginger (1/5 tablespoon), raisins (100g), and almond nuts (100g). Just pour out wine and vodka in a pan, add the remained ingredients, and then heat slightly until the sugar dissolved. After that switch off the fire and leave the drink for 30 minutes for infusing. And when the drink is ready, heat it a bit and serve. It really has a pleasant aroma and taste!

The next renowned drinks with vodka include julep-vodka. You just need to knead two branches of mint with sugar and a small amount of water (soda or mineral water, 100g) with the bar spoon until the sugar is dissolved. Then take out the mint and fill up the glass with shattered ice, pour in vodka (35g) and blend the mixture, until the glass mists over. At the end decorate the glass with remained branches of mint, and serve. Bon appétit!

The following exotic drink is coffee grog. It won’t take much time for you to make it. It’s really very simple. So make coffee (2 teaspoons), and leave it for infusing for 15-20 minutes. Then add two glasses of red port wine, 1 glass of vodka, 1 tablespoon of condensed milk, ½ of glass of sugar. After that mix it well and put on the feeble fire, heat up, but without leading to boiling. This grog is served while being hot. Just try it to make sure it’s rather delicious!

Do you know what Flip Caruso is? Yeah, this is another drink on the basis of vodka. It will take you only 3 minutes to make it! Just put vodka (150ml), sugar (1teaspoon), orange juice (100ml), egg yolk (1 piece) in the shaker, then pour it out in goblets. Also remember to put one bit of ice and dredge grated chocolate on top in every goblet.

In addition to different drinks, vodka can be mixed with any juice, depending on tastes of the one who drinks. Such juices can be well combined with vodka: orange, cherry, grape, grapefruit, multivitamin, pineapple, and also tomato. By the way, the mixture of vodka and tomato juice (and sometimes with pepper and salt) is called Bloody Mary. It is also very tasty. So all you need is to mix vodka and juice in proportion approximately 1:1.

So these are the most popular and the simplest drinks with vodka which differ from other drinks in their unforgettable taste and aroma.

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