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Is vodka made from potatoes?

The most common belief about vodka production is that this popular spirit is made from potatoes. In fact, the majority of vodka has been made from grains for a pretty long time. When and how did this myth appear?


Initially appeared in South America, vodka came to Europe in the beginning of XVI century and was made from grains and grapes, the same ingredients used nowadays. Potato vodka became dominant in XVIII-XIX centuries in Poland, as by that time this vegetable had worked its way up from being a food of the rich to becoming a simple food of the peasants. In those times the potatoes were much cheaper than wheat due to their high extension.

Another answer to the question ‘is vodka made from potatoes?’ takes us to other historical events. In the end of XIX – early XX century the temperance movement broke out in Scandinavian countries. The government considered alcohol to be evil but still, sometimes, a needed one. It led to production vodka from the lowest- quality ingredient available – potatoes.

What is vodka made from?

Despite the fact that vodka made from potatoes still exists, potato is not the most common ingredient anymore. Vodka can be made from any product that contains sugar or starchsuch as grapes, wheat, rye, soy, beets and so on. The modern technology of producing vodka using cereals comes from 90s of the XIX century, and is still respected by the best vodka brands.

Is Whipped Cream Vodka Worth Your Money?

whipped cream vodka

Whipped Cream Vodka

whipped cream vodkaWhipped cream vodka is one of the latest alcoholic beverages to appear in this country. You must’ve tried this hip new, possibly even girly drink yourself. What? You haven’t? What the hell are you doing reading this article? Get up and go buy a bottle of whipped cream vodka, chop, chop!

With the second thought, please do read the article. So, I think you might have guessed what whipped cream vodka is. Yes, right, it’s sweet. And most likely that’s because sugar is involved. Right again. So, sweet vodka? Doesn’t it sound kind of ridiculous? Actually it doesn’t, because it’s far from the first sweet alcoholic beverage. Read more

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