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Best chocolate vodka

Godiva liquor has a delicate taste of chocolate which will appeal even to demanding connoisseurs

Have you ever thought how much vodka has changed throughout its history? Initially distilled from potatoes, nowadays vodka manufacturers offer a wide variety of this spirit made by distillation of cereals, adding all possible flavors to satisfy even demanding connoisseurs.

Chocolate vodka

Not long ago chocolate vodka became a sensation in the vodka market, and now chocolate is believed to add the luxurious taste to the drink. Today the most popular vodka brands in the world refresh their assortments with chocolate vodka.

Chocolate vodka brands

Godiva brand is famous for its sweet products known around the worldGodiva is a famous Belgian chocolate factory founded in 1926, named after legendary lady Godiva, the wife of the Anglo-Saxon earl. The factory is reputed all over the world becauseof their high-quality for their high-quality chocolate productions. It owns over 600 boutiques in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia, and its signature is well – recognized almost everywhere. No wonder, that their choсolate liqueur earned a fame of being not just really good vodka, but a sheer luxury.

The factory produces three types of Godiva chocolate liqueur:

Dark Chocolate Liqueur

The decadent flavors of unsweetened dark chocolate, bright black cheery, candied sweet orange peel and a hint of cold-brewed coffee

Milk Chocolate Liqueur

The perfect expression of liquid chocolate-soft and creamy on the palate with a rich, silky finish.

White Chocolate Liqueur

Delicate flavors of white chocolate and Madagascar Vanilla with a soft, lush finish.

Marie Brizard Chocolat Royal

This liquor is full of French charm created by its taste.

The finest cocoa beans from Africa are selected to make this liqueur, which releases the full flavour of dark chocolate in the mouth, together with hints of vanilla. A recipe that combines all the velvety smoothness and the power of chocolate.

Marie Brizard et Roger International is a French company started in 1755. It is well – known for the broad production in more than 120 countries. Chocolat Royal liqueur is one more example of the best vodkas in the world, appreciated for its French charm. The liqueur has a delicate taste and aroma of the fresh fruit and berries. After the ripened ingredients are finally picked, they are distilled according to special recipe of the company Marie Brizard, which makes this chocolate spirit the top brand vodka.

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur

Thanks to its special technoligy, Mozart liquor has a brilliant taste of a high-class drink.

Mozart liquor vodka is an Austrian leader among chocolate alcohol drinks. The factory manufactures the unique products with sophisticated tastes and delicate flavors. The secret of Mozart liquor lies in its special technology of sound-milling. The technology is about grinding cocoa-beans using ultrasound. It is said that the music of Mozart himself is used for producing famous liquors

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